With full hearts we are passionate about guiding and nurturing performers on their path and making a way for authentic, happy, working performers
Therese & Teneale


This is the place you want to be! Fantastic people!

Dean Carrey
CEO/Director ACA

Filling a hole in the industry that’s desperately needed!

Justin Martin

This is a great way for you to Get Your Shit Together!

Stephanie Pringle & Alison Fowler
Chicken & Chips Casting


I’m very emotional right now, because I went through an experience that I never thought was possible!

CJ Polder

What I really loved about the workshop was the support and confidence instilled in the group!

Ash Gordon

Both Therese and Teneale bring so much excitement and such a bold and passionate unique perspective!

Casey Campbell

I really witnessed their passion. It’s really on a professional level so I highly recommend it to everyone!


I feel like this has come at the perfect time to get my music and acting career kick-started!

Maddi Rose

Blake Davis, Brad Moller and Laura Wilson share how vital The Performers is for performers and the industry!

Blake, Brad & Laura