This is the place you want to be! Fantastic people
— Dean Carrey, CEO/Director ACA

Filling a hole in the industry that’s desperately needed
— Justin Martin, Director

These amazing ladies will change your life
— Anthony Meindl, Director AMAW

This is a great way for you to Get Your Shit Together
— Stephanie & Alison, Chicken & Chips Casting

“The Performers Path is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m so glad & so grateful that Therese & Teneale set it up for people like me. I’m really excited”
— Bolude Watson, Actress

I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and I’d dropped out of the scene for a while. Considering returning to the game I needed to be revitalised and inspired. I looked around and found The Performer’s Path and haven’t looked back. Since joining The Performer’s Path I’ve had a supporting role in a feature and now a web series. If you’re keen to find out who you are and how that “authentic you” can be employable in the entertainment industry, I definitely recommend The Performer’s Path
— Ken Welsh, Actor

Therese and Teneale have assembled a valuable set of resources for performers alike seeking the tools to essentially GYST, their mantra... Get Your Shit Together!! Several weeks after helping us pull together our ‘Pitch’, we received press coverage. The partnership continues
— Michael and Anita, Performers

Within just a couple of weeks of becoming a member, I was officially a professional performer! With Therese & Teneale’s help, I quickly got my shit together and I walked into that audition feeling so confident and peaceful because I knew I was being my best self. I’m so thankful every day to the Universe for giving me the signs to be a part of this program.
— Ash Gordon, Performer